Some lineup videos


Don't be that guy

It might get crazy and it might get weird but whatever you do, follow the cops orders before they start putting on the latex really gets good about 2 minutes into it.

Line up break down (Pretty Lights)

Straight from colorado comes two guys that some are calling the new fatboy slim. i would say they are better, but i never really liked fatboy slim all that much. pretty lights is composed of a Dj (Derek Vincent Smith) and his side kick on the drums, Cory Eberhard. pretty lights does a great job sampling songs from many different genres and throwing them together to make for an electronic sound infused with a hip hop feel. the best part about the music is, its totally free and can be downloaded straight from the pretty lights website

With coachella coming up quick pretty lights seems to be gaining more and more momentum with each day, the stage is set for them to rock the festival and really get their music out to the people. enjoy

Line up break down (Portugal the man)

these guys wanted a bigger than life feel to their name, hence why they came up with naming the band after a country. why portugal? im not sure. most definitely naming the band after a country is not only intriguing but mysterious too. the first thought that popped into my mind was "are these guys from portugal" as it turns out, they are not. most of the band members being native to the Alaska region. they have already put out tons of songs from a couple different labels, but their newest addition to the music scene comes from their own label Approaching AIRballons, and is titled American Ghetto. their music has been labeled Indie but i would say it encompasses so much more than just indie. they definatly have a unique sound, infusing a little blues, soul, and folk music into the mix with beautiful vocal harmonies. the lyrics are what sets this band apart from the rest. with deep abstract imagery its hard not to get drawn into the sound. cant wait to see them at coachella im sure they will rock!! Enjoy the video, its one of my favorite songs right now.

Background Info

Coachella is a music festival held in sunny so cal that first started in 1999. Over the years it has hosted gigantic names such as Paul McCartney, Daft Punk, Radiohead, The Beasty Boys and Jack Johnson. The first band to ever play at Coachella was A Perfect Circle. In 2000, because of financial troubles there was no Coachella and when the festival returned in 2001 it was only one day long.

The amazing event has reunited over 15 bands:

Portishead - First U.S. performance following 10-year hiatus
The Verve - First major U.S. performance of reunion
Love and Rockets

Rage Against the Machine reunited after seven years
Crowded House - Had reunited for a 12-month tour
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Happy Mondays

Daft Punk - First U.S. performance since 1997
Tool - Not a reunion, but their first performance in three years

Nine Inch Nails - First major show since 2000.
Gang of Four

Kraftwerk - First US show since 1998, and marking only their third Southern California appearance since 1981.

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Jane's Addiction

Perry Farrell has performed at coachella 9 times giving him the most performances out of all the artist-1999 (as himself), 2001 (as part of Jane's Addiction), 2002, 2003 (last-minute surprise performance in the Gobi tent as DJ Peretz), 2004, 2005 (as DJ Peretz), 2006 (as a special guest of Hybrid), 2007 (as part of Satellite Party and a guest of The nightwatchman)

Rumor has it that:

Rage had the largest crowd ever for a coachella headliner.

Roger Waters had the most expensive stage show for any coachella performer.

Prince is the only artist to ever go past 1:00 a.m. at Coachella.

Jack Johnson played to the quietest crowd of any headliner in coachella history.

despite all this info, coachella 2010 has enough potential to be the best year yet!

top 15 coachella moments

i wish i could tell you the best coachella moments but considering i have never been and Yukon Cornelius already beat me to the punch, i think its better if i just share his link with you! besides he puts it way more eloquently than i could have ever possibly made it. so since we are in the spirit of sharing these dayz.............ENJOY