Some lineup videos


Line up break down (Portugal the man)

these guys wanted a bigger than life feel to their name, hence why they came up with naming the band after a country. why portugal? im not sure. most definitely naming the band after a country is not only intriguing but mysterious too. the first thought that popped into my mind was "are these guys from portugal" as it turns out, they are not. most of the band members being native to the Alaska region. they have already put out tons of songs from a couple different labels, but their newest addition to the music scene comes from their own label Approaching AIRballons, and is titled American Ghetto. their music has been labeled Indie but i would say it encompasses so much more than just indie. they definatly have a unique sound, infusing a little blues, soul, and folk music into the mix with beautiful vocal harmonies. the lyrics are what sets this band apart from the rest. with deep abstract imagery its hard not to get drawn into the sound. cant wait to see them at coachella im sure they will rock!! Enjoy the video, its one of my favorite songs right now.