Some lineup videos


Don't be that guy

It might get crazy and it might get weird but whatever you do, follow the cops orders before they start putting on the latex really gets good about 2 minutes into it.

Line up break down (Pretty Lights)

Straight from colorado comes two guys that some are calling the new fatboy slim. i would say they are better, but i never really liked fatboy slim all that much. pretty lights is composed of a Dj (Derek Vincent Smith) and his side kick on the drums, Cory Eberhard. pretty lights does a great job sampling songs from many different genres and throwing them together to make for an electronic sound infused with a hip hop feel. the best part about the music is, its totally free and can be downloaded straight from the pretty lights website

With coachella coming up quick pretty lights seems to be gaining more and more momentum with each day, the stage is set for them to rock the festival and really get their music out to the people. enjoy

Line up break down (Portugal the man)

these guys wanted a bigger than life feel to their name, hence why they came up with naming the band after a country. why portugal? im not sure. most definitely naming the band after a country is not only intriguing but mysterious too. the first thought that popped into my mind was "are these guys from portugal" as it turns out, they are not. most of the band members being native to the Alaska region. they have already put out tons of songs from a couple different labels, but their newest addition to the music scene comes from their own label Approaching AIRballons, and is titled American Ghetto. their music has been labeled Indie but i would say it encompasses so much more than just indie. they definatly have a unique sound, infusing a little blues, soul, and folk music into the mix with beautiful vocal harmonies. the lyrics are what sets this band apart from the rest. with deep abstract imagery its hard not to get drawn into the sound. cant wait to see them at coachella im sure they will rock!! Enjoy the video, its one of my favorite songs right now.

Background Info

Coachella is a music festival held in sunny so cal that first started in 1999. Over the years it has hosted gigantic names such as Paul McCartney, Daft Punk, Radiohead, The Beasty Boys and Jack Johnson. The first band to ever play at Coachella was A Perfect Circle. In 2000, because of financial troubles there was no Coachella and when the festival returned in 2001 it was only one day long.

The amazing event has reunited over 15 bands:

Portishead - First U.S. performance following 10-year hiatus
The Verve - First major U.S. performance of reunion
Love and Rockets

Rage Against the Machine reunited after seven years
Crowded House - Had reunited for a 12-month tour
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Happy Mondays

Daft Punk - First U.S. performance since 1997
Tool - Not a reunion, but their first performance in three years

Nine Inch Nails - First major show since 2000.
Gang of Four

Kraftwerk - First US show since 1998, and marking only their third Southern California appearance since 1981.

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Jane's Addiction

Perry Farrell has performed at coachella 9 times giving him the most performances out of all the artist-1999 (as himself), 2001 (as part of Jane's Addiction), 2002, 2003 (last-minute surprise performance in the Gobi tent as DJ Peretz), 2004, 2005 (as DJ Peretz), 2006 (as a special guest of Hybrid), 2007 (as part of Satellite Party and a guest of The nightwatchman)

Rumor has it that:

Rage had the largest crowd ever for a coachella headliner.

Roger Waters had the most expensive stage show for any coachella performer.

Prince is the only artist to ever go past 1:00 a.m. at Coachella.

Jack Johnson played to the quietest crowd of any headliner in coachella history.

despite all this info, coachella 2010 has enough potential to be the best year yet!

top 15 coachella moments

i wish i could tell you the best coachella moments but considering i have never been and Yukon Cornelius already beat me to the punch, i think its better if i just share his link with you! besides he puts it way more eloquently than i could have ever possibly made it. so since we are in the spirit of sharing these dayz.............ENJOY

In the Spirit of Sharing

Last night i received a facebook msg from Fernanda Rivera who entered a contest to win tickets to this years Coachella. the way she wins is by getting people to be fans of her facebook page. the more fans she gets the better chance she has of going! so i am now officially a fan of hers and i would like to ask you to become a fan also. it just takes a click of the mouse, help her out and put some points into the good karma bank!!

here is the link to her page, hook it up!

line up break down (Gil Scott-Heron)

This man is a LEGEND. Some people call him one of the precursors to the rap genre with his poetic lyrical style. His insightfulness on current events created a unique type of music with political undertones. some topics he has covered in song contain themes such as: nixon and his watergate scandal, nuclear power-plants, apartheid, Regan, as well as a classic hit "whitey's on the moon".
The Artist has defiantly had a few bumps in the road, having been in and out of jail and rehab, he still persists in his musical quest. Gils new cd "I'm new here" has a few songs that i instantly liked when i first herd them. a couple songs he is casually half singing, half talking on like he is reading poetry. "I'm new Here" does a good job at touching on many genres, from hip-hop and gospel to dubstep and blues. Rolling Stone Magazine says he has "the sound of a damaged man staring in the mirror without self pity but not with out hope"
to listen to his whole new album click here and scroll down to the end of his article.

Flying Under The Radar

no doubt this year is going to be a dance party and a half. some more known house names that will be at Coachella are the guys like tiesto, bennie banassi, deadmau5 and Bassnectar, but there are a few names I think you might want to keep an ear out for:

Lcd Soundsystem- I know these guys are pretty big to, but if you have not heard them yet check em out, dont worry when your feet start moving and your head starts bobing, just minor side effects

Erol Alkan- A.K.A Mustapha 3000 has been tearing up the music scene for years in London, producing and mashing up all kinds of hits, for all kinds of stars. recently he is killin it on "waves" with a little help from boys noize they create a hard hitting electronic sound, you cant help but stomp your feet to! this video of his live performance is unreal and defiantly worth a look!

Aeroplane- I cant get too much of these guys right now, the beats are new and fresh. whether its mixing up an old tune and doin thier own jam I think it all sounds worthy of my ears! good enough to get you in the zone, or just put a smile on your face. one of the sets I'm looking forward to seeing the most!

DJ Lance Rock -Damn! this guy is a trip, he dresses up in an orange spandex suit and bumps beats. Occasionally he brings friends to the stage which are monsters that are fetured in some of his songs! apparently this all stems off a kids show he was a part of called yo gabba gabba! whatever the case im sure this set will be super entertaining, and maybe a good reminder not to take yourself too seriously!

Pablo Hassan- dont really have much to say about this guy except for that he is sick as, check him out and see for yourself

the Proxy-very intense grooves! i can only handle in small doses.

and still more to come.............

Camping-Where's the after party?

After educating myself about everything Coachella Camping here's some quick tips and reminders.

quick list of things to remember:
Cash-thats all they accept anywhere
Sunnies-Sun glasses
clothing for 90+ days and hoodies for windy cold nights
towel and soap
FLASHLIGHT-not cool to jump in the wrong tent
tent, pillow, sleeping bag
camping chairs- to lounge and relax
beer if you choose- only aluminum cans allowed
musical instrument, soccer ball, football
Drugs-know your source
Lots of Water, of course

Incase you forget or loose anything no need to worry, there will be a store, close to the campsites with all the convenience items needed such as toothpaste and condoms :)

You can also collect ten water bottles from around the campsite and turn them in for a free water bottle. good to know if your running low on agua! that being said bring enough water for you and 10 imaginary friends, your friends will thank you later

No campfire on the campsites :( its probly for the better, who needs a couple thousand people who have been parting all day to play with fire :)

There is car camping this year, aka you can sleep in your truck. I was not aware, but apparently it’s a big deal.

something to keep in mind is the location of the camp spot, not the best idea to post up next to a port-o or shower unless you like the high volume traffic going trough your campsite, it is one way to meet people ;) and apparently there are large flood lights that you might want to try and steer clear from too!

if your going to be taking showers, its always a good idea to wear flipflops or aquasocks cause i cant imagine the baño being luxurious. some boardies or a bikini always expedites the showering process, and keep in mind as a general rule the earlier you take a shower the less crowded it will be.

and as always have fun and Enjoy, as they are clearly doing in this video!

Line up break down (Céu)

Céu is one of my personal favorites :)

Considered a jazz musician in Europe I would say she barley walks that line. For me her style is more down tempo and chill, with a little trip hop infused into the Brazilian beats, and a voice that syncs it all together in an unconventional way. I love that she sings in Portuguese because I can pick up a word or two hear and there. However for the large majority of the crowd at Coachella the words will hold whatever meaning they give them. The conscious lyrical understanding will fade into more of an appreciation of the melodic sounds of the Brazilian tongue……

What Its about

I'm desperately trying to get to Coachella this year for the monumentus music festival.

so ill make a blog all about coachella and immerse myself in everything Coachella, in hopes that all this will somehow manage to get me to the historic event. I'm thinking positive, and I heard about people making money from their blogs so I figured why should it not work? The more I Educate myself about Coachella the more stoked I am about this Insane event! A Three day festival in sunny California packed with amazing artist from all over the globe makes for a Sick adventure!!

here is the official website which does a good job at covering just about everything, but im sure ill still be able to find something to talk about.......ENJOY :)