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Camping-Where's the after party?

After educating myself about everything Coachella Camping here's some quick tips and reminders.

quick list of things to remember:
Cash-thats all they accept anywhere
Sunnies-Sun glasses
clothing for 90+ days and hoodies for windy cold nights
towel and soap
FLASHLIGHT-not cool to jump in the wrong tent
tent, pillow, sleeping bag
camping chairs- to lounge and relax
beer if you choose- only aluminum cans allowed
musical instrument, soccer ball, football
Drugs-know your source
Lots of Water, of course

Incase you forget or loose anything no need to worry, there will be a store, close to the campsites with all the convenience items needed such as toothpaste and condoms :)

You can also collect ten water bottles from around the campsite and turn them in for a free water bottle. good to know if your running low on agua! that being said bring enough water for you and 10 imaginary friends, your friends will thank you later

No campfire on the campsites :( its probly for the better, who needs a couple thousand people who have been parting all day to play with fire :)

There is car camping this year, aka you can sleep in your truck. I was not aware, but apparently it’s a big deal.

something to keep in mind is the location of the camp spot, not the best idea to post up next to a port-o or shower unless you like the high volume traffic going trough your campsite, it is one way to meet people ;) and apparently there are large flood lights that you might want to try and steer clear from too!

if your going to be taking showers, its always a good idea to wear flipflops or aquasocks cause i cant imagine the baño being luxurious. some boardies or a bikini always expedites the showering process, and keep in mind as a general rule the earlier you take a shower the less crowded it will be.

and as always have fun and Enjoy, as they are clearly doing in this video!