Some lineup videos


Flying Under The Radar

no doubt this year is going to be a dance party and a half. some more known house names that will be at Coachella are the guys like tiesto, bennie banassi, deadmau5 and Bassnectar, but there are a few names I think you might want to keep an ear out for:

Lcd Soundsystem- I know these guys are pretty big to, but if you have not heard them yet check em out, dont worry when your feet start moving and your head starts bobing, just minor side effects

Erol Alkan- A.K.A Mustapha 3000 has been tearing up the music scene for years in London, producing and mashing up all kinds of hits, for all kinds of stars. recently he is killin it on "waves" with a little help from boys noize they create a hard hitting electronic sound, you cant help but stomp your feet to! this video of his live performance is unreal and defiantly worth a look!

Aeroplane- I cant get too much of these guys right now, the beats are new and fresh. whether its mixing up an old tune and doin thier own jam I think it all sounds worthy of my ears! good enough to get you in the zone, or just put a smile on your face. one of the sets I'm looking forward to seeing the most!

DJ Lance Rock -Damn! this guy is a trip, he dresses up in an orange spandex suit and bumps beats. Occasionally he brings friends to the stage which are monsters that are fetured in some of his songs! apparently this all stems off a kids show he was a part of called yo gabba gabba! whatever the case im sure this set will be super entertaining, and maybe a good reminder not to take yourself too seriously!

Pablo Hassan- dont really have much to say about this guy except for that he is sick as, check him out and see for yourself

the Proxy-very intense grooves! i can only handle in small doses.

and still more to come.............