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line up break down (Gil Scott-Heron)

This man is a LEGEND. Some people call him one of the precursors to the rap genre with his poetic lyrical style. His insightfulness on current events created a unique type of music with political undertones. some topics he has covered in song contain themes such as: nixon and his watergate scandal, nuclear power-plants, apartheid, Regan, as well as a classic hit "whitey's on the moon".
The Artist has defiantly had a few bumps in the road, having been in and out of jail and rehab, he still persists in his musical quest. Gils new cd "I'm new here" has a few songs that i instantly liked when i first herd them. a couple songs he is casually half singing, half talking on like he is reading poetry. "I'm new Here" does a good job at touching on many genres, from hip-hop and gospel to dubstep and blues. Rolling Stone Magazine says he has "the sound of a damaged man staring in the mirror without self pity but not with out hope"
to listen to his whole new album click here and scroll down to the end of his article.